About FlashMob!

Minneapolis-based FlashMob! has been entertaining audiences throughout the Midwest and Canada with their contagious brand of non-stop energy, professional style, and unique and refreshing take on songs for over a decade. By covering a wide range of pop, dance, and rock hits – including such artists as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Pitbull, Journey, P!nk, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, Blondie, and Katy Perry – FlashMob! will keep you on your toes and on the dance floor. FlashMob!’s fans – known as Mobsters! – have enjoyed seeing the band perform for crowds of 10,000+ multiple times and with national acts like Soul Asylum, Bret Michaels, Three Dog Night, Gear Daddies, Hairball, Warrant, Mick Sterling, Firehouse, and more. But, the proof is in the pudding, as some weird person once said. We have a sample of client testimonials below, but if you want the mother load, head over to www.flashmobrocks.com/testimonials. You’ll find dozens there.

“FlashMob exceeded everyone’s expectations. Excellent musicians and vocalists, they are very energetic on stage and get the crowd involved.”

-Jim (Rock Cancer Event Coordinator)

“If you are on this page trying to decide if they are the band for your wedding, STOP LOOKING. Call them, Book Them… Thank me later.”

-Jess and Jon (wedding couple)

“A HUGE thanks for helping us make North Loop Fest a big success!  You guys did a great job.”

-Marcia (North Loop Fest Event Coordinator)

Need More Testimonials?

Well, fear not. Head over to FlashMob’s website, and there’s a whole giant page full of ’em!

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