About Viva Knievel

Viva Knievel is an 9-piece fearless American wrecking ball. Featuring former members of National Recording Artists White Light Riot (50 Entertainment/Sony Red Distribution), Viva Knievel boasts chaotic stage shows, salute-inducing patriotism, face-melting guitar solos and earth-rumbling renditions of all your favorite songs that other bands are too afraid to play. We like to take our audiences on a daredevil flight through the decades. We first concentrate on the numbers that brought groove and swagger, Marshall’s and Vistalites, big hair and bigger songs to the masses. Then, we show you what we’re really made of. Featuring a full horn-section, Viva Knievel gets down on it and delivers some of the best renditions of funk and soul your step-dad has ever heard. When you regain consciousness, we’ll launch into modern mode and deliver all of your favorite contemporary hits with such a fervor and perfection, you’ll swear you’re dreaming.
Well, you’re not. You’re witnessing the spectacle that is: Viva Knievel. You’re welcome.